Time on our hands

These are difficult times. These are stressful times. These are scary times. These are unsure times. These are lonely times but these are blessed times! Blessed times you ask. Yes …. blessed times!

During this time of Covid 19 when countries are struggling to find answers, when scientists are rushing to find a cure, when medical personnel are struggling for supplies, we all find ourselves at war. A different kind of war. A war with an unseen enemy. A time we are forced to spend quarantined time with immediate family or perhaps even alone.

How often have we wished we had more time alone ? Now we have it. How will YOU use or rather, how will YOU CHOOSE to us it?

As a 64 year retired music educator, a mother of three and a grandmother of 8, I have decided to challenge myself to take this time to learn a new style of singing. Trained as a classical soprano, the jazz standards were not in my comfort zone. Phrasing and vibrato are used differently. So….. practicing and learning something new is what I am challenging myself with. What are you challenging yourself with? I’d love to hear!

As for being alone… well…. I know that I will cherish the times “ with” more than ever!