Road Blocks, Dead Ends or Forks in the Road…Which Road Will You Take?

I’ve pondered a lot today about how our lives are “rerouted” without our being aware. We loose jobs, only to later realize a new path. We meet strangers, only to realize that they were brought to us with a purpose. We retire, we morn our old lives, only to discover new journeys. We divorce, only to learn that being alone is a gift onto itself. We learn, we grow… we move on. We are given a diagnosis of a chronic illness, only to find out that that diagnosis has introduced us to new friends who need the same support we do. We help each other. We have made new friends. 

During our darkest times, when nothing seems to make any sense at all, a new pathway will emerge if we allow it to. If we have the courage to trust that better days lie ahead. 

Most recently, after being diagnosed with RA, not being able to hold a fork in my hands, I turned to an online support group. It brought me great comfort. The group, which has members world wide, inspired me to start a support group in my home state of New Jersey. I decided to take the road that might lead to somewhere new. Instead of giving up and feeling sorry for myself, I decided to take my illness and allow it to give myself a purpose. That is, to bring people together who had a common element who could support each other. My days may again be dark from time to time but as darkness falls upon the earth so to the sun always rises.

Are You a HSP? (Highly Sensitive Person)

Have you ever been told any of the following?

  • You’re a dreamer?
  • Your head is always in the clouds!
  • Toughen up!
  • Don’t cry so much.
  • Stop worrying about ________so much.
  • Don’t let your heart rule your head! (This is one that I particularly love as with HSP, our hearts are intuitive and most of us are taught to “think things through” which of course implies to “use your head!”)

When you were a child, did you daydream a lot? (Perhaps you still do!)

Do you tend to empathize with people (perhaps a little too much).

HSP’s are wired differently and that’s a fact proven through scientific research. In fact, the term, HSP, was first coined by Dr. Elaine Aron. Dr. Aron,  began studying the temperament of highly sensitive people in 1991. I was thrilled to read some of her work as I now know that I am NOT crazy….different yes, but crazy, NO! There is a whole community out there who are just like we are….and science is now acknowledging who we are.

HSP’s tend to be very creative people. Our highly sensitive approach to life is what makes us see life in a  different dimension then most. We see colors that others don’t see and we hear things that others don’t hear. Have you ever stopped dead in your tracks to look closely…really closely at  something that no one else would ever dream of doing? I recall my oldest daughter stopping to take a picture of a single snowflake on her jacket. (Her picture is featured at the beginning of this blog). She shared the picture with many. I stared at it with wonder! This is an example of a HSP! Would YOU stop, while walking the streets of Chicago, on your way to work, to take a picture of a single snowflake?

We even hear voices ( I’ll call that intuition)that others do not. We are people who often just “know” things. We often know what is going to happen. We may not know WHY we know it….we just know!

Highly sensitive people are effected by everything around them. Our sensory system is easily bombarded, making it difficult to focus on one given thing at a time, We hear EVERYTHING …we see EVERYTHING! We seek out that perfectly quiet place where nothing else can distract us. This is why many artists (I use the term broadly) seek solitude. They have to calm their minds and their hearts so that they can “pay attention” to their OWN thoughts.

The increase in technology, today’s “hurry up world,” make it difficult for the HSP. It becomes harder and harder to quiet our minds.

Today I leave you with this challenge. Turn off the TV, put down your phone and step away from your computer. Just allow yourself to “be.”