Holiday “spirits”

With the holiday season upon us, I find myself reflecting on years gone by. Memories of my children when they were “little” and I was “younger!” It’s funny how we look upon those years as precious moments to be held on to. Yet, when we ARE “younger” those very SAME years are looked upon as demanding, trying, taxing, difficult, hard fraught, traumatic, pressured tense and frustrating. What is it that makes those feeling change to pleasure, merriment, joyfulness, delight, bliss, pleasure, contentment etc. as we “look back upon them? When we DO look back  upon them with all those wonderful synonyms for happiness….we often get sad? It would seem to me that this is a quandary! As I age, this becomes more and more of a “practical dilemma!”

Please share your thoughts with me……img_5932-2




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