Together, Let’s Rebrand Aging!


Young  or old, we are all AGING. I invite all ages to contribute to my blog (Yet another part of my own “journey). The paragraph below explains my purpose for this blog. And shows an example of a post and comment. Click on the link to follow along and please participate!

This is a place for us to share “journey stories” and bits of wisdom in the hopes that we can learn from each other–young and old. The stories change from day to day, from year to year. It is said, that with age comes wisdom. I say, with age (I am 61) we are more determined to seek wisdom and learn about the journey we call life! For me, I seek the answers in song. It speaks to my heart and, comforts my soul and says what words alone cannot. If music is truly the universal language, then we can spread the power of healing through song. We are all on a journey and this is the account of my journey. Our paths may be different but our journeys are the same…to seek the truth and purpose of our existence.

One thought on “Do you think age and wisdom are linked? Why? Why not?”

This comment was written by my daughter, Alison Bauman in response to this Question.

Ageless is just an identifier that helps right size perceived ideas of wisdom really is. “Agreements” we have learned through our society’s stories have painted a picture of wisdom as the something given to the “old” – the elders. “She is wise for her age”. So we grow up assuming wisdom comes to those who are older. I believe wisdom grows as we grow. But that is all relevant in time and space and the individual. We are all born with wisdom. Age and time has the ability to hinder it if we let it.

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