Getting ready for my first release!


So on November 30, 2016, I flew back to Nashville to re-record the vocal to my first single. Titled has been changed and instrumental tracks brought out a bit more. I am feeling pretty good about this first project. Of course there is always things to change…and learn.

Learn more about how you can hear “Tears on My Pillow” on my Song Page with this blog site.

Grandmother of 7 Releases First Country Single


It is said, that with age comes wisdom. I say, that with age, we are more determined to seek wisdom and learn about the journey we are supposed to be on.  Music has always been an important part of my life. My career was based on it. Singing and performing has always been my way of finding comfort and expression. Of course, life’s responsibilities took precedent over the years but now with my children grown and my full-time career behind me, I turn once again to singing and performing. Never underestimate the power of song! It speaks to the heart and comforts the soul. We are all on a journey! Our paths may be different but our journey is the same…to seek the truth and purpose of our existence.

With a blink of an eye, my children have grown! I now have 7 grandchildren, with an 8th on the way. Like many who are newly retired, I have struggled with my new identity. Who am I now, that I am no longer in the workplace? What is my purpose? What do I still have to give?

I have always looked upon my singing as a gift from God and I always knew that I was meant to share it. In my younger days, I sang in church. My spirit prayed and rejoiced in song.

I received a degree from Westminster Choir College and went on to teach music education hoping to share my love for music and instill it in others. As time went by, I had children of my own and my music became more of a necessity to pay the bills. Times were sometimes difficult, but as the lyrics go from my first release, “Tears on My Pillow”… Life has it’s struggles, that we all have to  bear. Life has its ups and downs, at times it isn’t fair. But we go on. Be strong, Believe! Just be strong, Just Believe!


Release date December 14,2016


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