Tears on My Pillow (Be Strong, Just Believe)

Memorial Day 2016

After much deliberation I decided to go to Nashville and record my first song. I almost talked myself out of doing it figuring that at age 61, I just shouldn’t be doing “stuff” like this! Then I thought, at 61, I SHOULD be doing this! If not now, when? I had recently been diagnosed with both Barrett’s Syndrome and RA and will admit that I was  feeling very low and defeated (that’s putting it mildly). I turned my sadness into song and it helped me get through some of the rough times. So, on Memorial Day weekend, 2016, I flew to Nashville to meet with the man, who would later become my producer, about the prospects of doing my first recording. I flew back and thought long and hard. I had always taught my children to follow their hearts and their dreams and now it was time to follow mine. In September, 2016, I packed up my car and drove myself to Nashville!  The musicians that worked with me and my producer, Michael Schrimpf, were the most gracious, humble and kind people I’ve met in a long time. The entire experience was life changing. On the 16 hour ride home I felt as though I were sitting in a cloud. I felt well. Something I hadn’t felt in many months. Tomorrow ( November 30) I return to the studio to put the finishing touches on my very first recording! I will certainly make it available on this blog site when the time comes.