The Journey….

I recently retired from “arts education” and moved into a new home in a country like setting with lots of land around me. The new place surely speaks to my soul. I have spent many hours walking local trails and paying attention to my inner voice. In doing so, I have also found that my heart song has been renewed as has the desire to compose songs that speak to the “journey’s of life.” I don’t own my home and don’t have much monetary things to leave to my children and grandchildren but what I have is my heart song.

I lost my father at age 16,  lived in 21 different addresses, gone through more relationships than I care to speak to and raised three children pretty much on my own. I have lived hard and cried a lot. I have also loved hard and laughed hard.

In the past 6 months, I have tried to quiet my soul and to look to the beauty around me. I have tried to learn from the energies of nature for they to0 have a message if we only take the time to listen…really listen.

From the time we are born, we quickly learn to be governed by time..schedules….deadlines Time, not enough of it! Time, too much of it! I have come to realize that “time” as we have been conditioned to think about it traps us. It busies our mind to the point of distraction. We no longer have the “time” to listen to the lessons that nature can teach us.

I have made a conscious effort to walk in the woods more and more, to free myself of “time” as we know it. I have been amazed what comes to me, although I am not yet sure how to describe it all. This blog and my recent You Tube channel are a result of these “journey walks.”

I would love for you all to share some thoughts with me about your life’s journey! Let’s start some sharing!